The 1964-V3 Custom Triple driver was designed for a full spectrum sound with a slight emphasis on the bass region. It's the most natural sounding IEM without being sterile and boring. This model is recommended for stage musicians, studio and portable music listening.

Like all 1964 Ears custom IEMs, the V3 monitors are inherently noise canceling and are designed to work well with all of today’s standard wired, wireless monitor systems and a wide range of personal listening devices.

Estimated Build Time: 4 - 5 weeks

Actual build time will be determined when we receive your ear impressions. Send impressions to our lab right away for shorter turn around.

Starting at: $499.00

Included Accessories

  • 64 Audio Personalized Case
  • 48 or 64 inch detachable cable
  • Cleaning tool
  • Shirt clip
  • Round Sticker



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Quick-Start IEM Guide

Whatever budget or tone you're looking to fit, 64 Audio IEMs will deliver pristine results. However, each person's individual preferences are as diverse as the musician themselves; and since no one knows what you want better than you, we'd like to point you in the right direction to get there faster.

Here is a quick guide with some of our recommendations for common musical categories and applications. From this point, you may tailor your IEM choice to your taste.


  • Singer - V2, V3, V6S

  • Guitar - V2, V3, V6S

  • Drummer - Qi, V6S, V8

  • Bass - Qi, V6S, V8

  • Keyboard - V3, V6S

  • Engineer - V3, V6S

  • DJ - Qi, V8